My Story


I have found what creates success and what enables you to overcome the worst of life challenges moving you from adversity to success regardless of your circumstances, background, education or economic circumstances.


For over 3 decades I have coached individuals, designed and facilitated group workshops in the UK and New Zealand. I have shared the latest research and results whilst at the same time delivered tangible strategies to accelerate results.


It’s amazing how quickly you will come to a powerful realisation that everything you need is within you - the change in your beliefs and values begins a momentum on the pathway to your lifes desires.


I have a humorous yet informative and engaging style. My philosophy and teachings is “That you don’t manifest what you want but you will always manifest what you believe”.


I use a common sense approach that is backed by proven results. I will guide you towards making the right choices that support you in such a way that you will change subconsciously - how you live your life and act out your new underlying beliefs that change the behaviour and outcomes.


I teach you ways to change your life and new dimensions in thinking so that you take the right actions, and make better choices.  


I will help you how to implement mindful practices that will engage your brain on a deep level truly changing the old life scripts with a new more fulfilling plan that delivers greater peace, joy happiness and success.





Weight Loss

Lift depression Fast

Stop Smoking 

Boost Self Esteem & Confidence

Phobia Cure & trauma

Overcome Fears or PTSD