May 1, 2016

It’s Easy not to go mad at this time of year, Delicious food can be enjoyed without the weight gain impact.


One tip: When you are at a buffet rather than pick, put your food on a plate, research shows that by picking and keep going back for a nibble here and nibble there can lead you to eating a staggering 70% more than you need. PICK A PLATE and a small one. 


ENJOY your festive season.

May 1, 2016

Because we create our world like this and form our responses, NLP provides a way to make different meaning and therefore thoughts habits and behaviours can change.


With NLP it is possible to change your reactions to your emotions enabling you to grow and get more out of life. You are able to master your life, conquer your fears, change that inner voice that holds you back, shifting thoughts and behaviours getting out of the thoughts and behaviours and patterns in your life so that you can lead a more fulfilling life.


NLP allows you to move from the past so you can stop limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs you currently run, freeing you from the victim of a program and instead moving you to become the master of your life.


NLP is an effective means of changing the limiting behaviours and fears that have kept you until now stuck, allowing us to find the answers to many burning questions, such as:
Because we create our world like this and form our responses, NLP provides a way to...

May 1, 2016

We all have willpower but it is a limited amount.  Every decision or stress will deplete the resource, so you have to save it up.  You can top it up with meditation or a good nights sleep.


When we fail and think we don’t have willpower the thought that we have no willpower will defeat us before we even begin.  What if you could just do a task, say no when you have no willpower, by utilising a different thought process rather than depend upon willpower will move you forward more effectively and with ease and rather than defeat.

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