Weight loss with NLP has amazing results, clients have released their excess body weight without dieting, Denise’s program deals with the mind set.  A non surgical gastric band enables clients to cut down the portion sizes without feeling hungry and a series of CD’s reconditions the mind to think and behave as a slim person.  The results are nothing but astounding, clients have lost up to 20kg. Denise herself has released 16kg, no longer pre diabetic and is the lightest weight in 23years.



Everything we say or do starts with a thought and that thought can lead us into emotional states. The mind and the body are connected and when we give our thoughts meaning we then feel. Depression can be overcome utilising NLP and changing mindsets to become more positive and removing those triggers that used to send you down the path of depression can be changed to lead you down a path of self confidence, certainty, loving life and creating different happy states of being.


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