Weight Loss

The Programme


  • Enables you to lose weight without a diet

  • Resets  the fullness trigger in the brain

  • Re-programmes the mind to be naturally attracted to better food choices

  • Stops you snacking in between meals

  • You will satisfied and full for longer, never feeling hungry

  • Your habits and behaviours will change so you will be able to stay slim & trim

  • Want to lose weight but sick of dieting?
  • Have you tried everything but failed so far?
  • Do you feel a lack of self confidence about your weight?

If you are looking to shed those excess kilos and want to stop yo yo dieting because

you only seem to get bigger or If your desire is to get back a body shape you

are comfortable with, want to be able to reduce your weight whilst leading

a normal lifestyle without a diet then the Non Surgical Gastric Band programme

could be the solution for you.



How the Programme Works 


It may be that you have been trying to loose weight in the past and found that after a program or taking a supplement of pills that the weight did not move or even if you did loose weight that they weight piled back on once you stopped or that you went to the gym worked hard only to again increase your weight once you stopped, do not despair for it is a common story.


The reality is that diets do not work long term, for more permanent weight loss it has to be a lifestyle change but where do you start when your habits and behaviours and emotions keep you craving things you desire that do not serve you to remain slim and healthy.


The truth is that we all know how to be slim and to remain slim for life. Our brain has a blue print of what weight we should be for our health for our age, frame and size. The hard part is the changing of the habits until NOW The non surgical gastric band works in a number of ways.


The programme consists of 3 one on one sessions and a support audio program that help to re condition the mind and resetting the fullness trigger in the brain that is something diets cannot do and also open up a part of the brain the reticular activating system. The reticular activating system or RAS is connected to the unconscious part of the mind, the unconscious drives our habits and behaviours.


Clients report from the very first session that changes begin to occur automatically,  the average weigh reduction is 1 - 1.5kgs a week.  When we open up the  mind your  subconcious mind supports your behaviour in releasing those excess kilos through a different mindset about food.



You will find after this session that changes in your daily diet begin to happen with the desire for certain foods. Many people report that they stop eating Bread or sweet things, including in some cases a reduction in alcohol intake and that they have NO desire to overeat anymore. Many things that they couldn’t resist in the past are suddenly undesirable and they don’t bother. Clients also report being attracted to different foods and their eating patterns change to become more regulated and fulfilling. They stop snacking in between meals.


The second session is also supported by 2 cd’s that stimulate willpower, commitment and motivation to the process as well as eating food for fuel, regulating quantity and quality of food intake.


The beauty about the program is the ability to not feel deprived in any way or guilty about foods that you may consume. It is also a revelation to many clients on just how little food they need as well and noticing their tastes changing which adds to the ease of their weight loss goals.


The 3rd session is about releasing resistance, without guilt or deprivation lifestyle changes become installed and the mind and body are now beginning to synchronize, feelings of success and by this time clients have usually shed their first 5 – 7 kilos. It is not just about the weight loss it is about the body shape, so the scales are only a guide what is more important is the body transformation that takes place.


The rules of the program are to eat if you are hungry and to not eat if you are not, in today’s society we use food to socialize and comfort us. When you gain control and can socialize without necessarily eating and comfort yourself without food then that change becomes a lifestyle choice that leads to more permanent weight loss rather than a quick fix, being able to maintain a slim and healthy self has other added benefits.


In my research I have found that many people who are overweight feel self loathing or a lack of confidence and self esteem, they also feel that people treat them differently. It is not a conscious thing it is rather an unconscious process that people have about overweight people and they may not even think it but the unconscious part of the mind responds to those hidden beliefs in that overweight people are lazy, sloth like, let themselves go, have no willpower or lack of self control, greedy etc.


On the other hand slim people are more respected, they are in control, they appear to have more energy, are on to it, dynamic even though this may not be true the unconscious mind registers these beliefs and acts out behaviours that support what they see as either a slim or overweight person.


You have to ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you want to gain control over your life? Have the willpower and motivation to gain back your self confidence or to be able to wear the clothes you want to wear or become the person you want to be

  • Do you want aid your weight loss by feeling full quickly and eating smaller portions, to stop eating sweet sugary things, floury carbs or even reduce your alcohol that will naturally aid your weight loss.

  • Do you want to be able to not think about food unless you are actually hungry and want to become slim without deprivation, counting calories or taking expensive supplements.

  • Do you want to live a normal life without starving, un necessarily omitting food groups that your body may need and be able to release excess weight more permanently?

  • Do you want to restore your confidence and self esteem?


If you said yes to any of these questions then you are probably ready.Decide to make the change for life, live a rewarding life, free of guilt ,deprivation or the onset of failing health due to being overweight.The long term solution is to effect a lifestyle change that will guide you towards your weight loss goals, don’t wait for another few pounds to go on before you act, instead take action now and make it easier on yourself.



Suddenly a greater awareness of what and how much you are eating and even before the Non surgical gastric band (also known as the Virtual Gastric band) is installed your habits and behaviours are naturally changing and your portions begin to reduce which in many cases result in weight loss within the 1st week.


It is important to reiterate that this is not a quick fix or loose weight Fast program, that kind of program can be detrimental to your health. You are not told what to eat, there is no diet plan, the Non surgical or Virtual Gastric banding program enables natural long lasting weight loss without deprivation.


The second part of the program is the installation of the band through Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Even if you have not responded to hypnosis in the pastor even believe you can be hypnotized there is an initial test to see if you are a suitable candidate without spending any money.


Once the band is installed on the second session there is a drastic reduction in meal portions, you feel full and satisfied for longer and start to eat to live rather than live to eat. It is easy and effortless your body giving you signals and you being able to be energized and healthy eating anything you like without deprivation.